"Lately" on sale today!

For some of you, waking up this morning was exactly like Christmas*!!!!**

(* = assuming what you wanted for Christmas was my cd)
(** = also assuming that your Christmases are really low key and you have the bar of expectations set super low, so much so that a cd that you pre-ordered for $4.95 that automatically shows up when it said it would is what gets you in the holiday spirit the most.)

For some of you, waking up this morning is exactly like Presidents Day*!!!!**

(* = meaning that you did not pre-order my cd, which is totes cool)
(** = also meaning, today is actually Presidents Day. Which is kind of a national holiday, and some of you are out of school and work, but a lot of people aren't. Kinda seems like the government should make up it's mind on this.)

By now, you've probably been inundated with me (and hopefully others!) telling you that you should pre-order my cd. Unfortunately, that time has passed and you can no longer pre-order my new cd, "Lately." FORTUNATELY, you can now just buy it outright on any digital platform that your heart desires. We got your iTunes, we got your Amazon, we got your Tidal©, we got your Google Music Store (that's a thing, yeah?), we got your Spotify and Pandora and however else you stream music. It's aaaall there. And it can be all yours for less than $5. Or whatever you pay Spotify a month, of which I will see approximately .001¢ per stream. Whatever you do, just listen to it and tell your friends about it! I will be posting throughout the day and I even have a special thing planned for later on. But for now, let us celebrate how our Founding Fathers intended: by using a system of networks and global satellites to beam your credit card information into the ether and digitally download my cd in a manner of seconds. What a time to be alive. Happy Presidents Day!

P.S. - you can purchase it on iTunes and Amazon by clicking those links.

P.P.S. - I do have physical copies of the cd available in a short batch, if you would like one. Also $5.

P.P.P.S. - Please rate and review the album on iTunes and amazon, even if you didn't buy it there! It helps with their rankings and charting system and helps me out somehow. So just give it 5 stars and go on about your day!

                                                                                 This is the back of the cd. I was tired of putting the front of the cd out on the internet.

                                                                                This is the back of the cd. I was tired of putting the front of the cd out on the internet.