Day After Presidents Day Sale!

Alright, here's the deal. Some of you pre-ordered the cd, and some of you bought it yesterday. That's awesome and THANK YOU! However if you haven't bought "Lately" yet, I'd like to offer a special promotion running now through the end of whenever I feel like it. If you go to iTunes and gift this cd to someone else, preferably someone who doesn't know me but might possibly be interested in my music, I will give you your copy for free. That's right, TWO CDs for the price of one. Gift this cd to someone else on iTunes, screenshot it, send it to me via message or email ( and I will send you a free digital copy of "Lately." Take that money you were going to spend anyways and give someone else the gift of my voice in their earholes AS WELL as getting the cd for yourself. And don't forget to rate and review the cd while you're there!